Friday, January 04, 2008

New Resolution

As of January 4th I have added 2 new resolutions for 2008. I must occasionally finish an object. This means I will probably be manking many short projects (hats! many hats!) to confuse the "OMG! Look over there it's something shiny!! tendencies I have in every cell of my body, including my hair. (especially my hair!)

To stop reading Dear Abby. I never mean to read it but if I happen to be reading the news (paper or online) I usually stumble across it and I must find out what the provocative headline means. It never fails to depress me. I don't mean casual, oh, that's so sad.. But actual depths of despair. It's just so sad.

Oh and so far on my resolutions...I have lost and regained my 5 pounds's going to be a long year isn't it?

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