Saturday, January 19, 2008

State of the UFO Address.

Once again I am basking in the wake of startitis. It's bad. I've broken up with a lot of my knitting as it wasn't getting done or there was something that I had to frog and so forth. So current WIP count isn't as bad as usual.

I have taken steps to ensure that I am finishing more projects in the new year (which wasn't a resolution but would be nice) I joined a few swaps where I have to knit or crochet something to send so must be finished. I Joined about 4 ravelry group alongs that should encourage me to finish more object. The problem is I am solidly a process knitter. a f/o is nice but wouldn't this yarn and pattern be even nicer? *sigh* I am in love with the potential the reality gets messy (oh this may be why I don't date much). Anyways the Ravelry Groups I am in are one that expects a f/o a month the project of your choice. I'm up on that I completed Evangeline ( out of gifted Malbridgio. (excuse the horrible picture I am just trying to figure out the camera timer It's not easy taking pictures of your own arms!) as well as a funky retro purse for my Harry potter pal. Not pictured are handles I have to go buy them yet. I love this purse so much I made one for me!! (got the pattern from Knitting Daily) Mine didn't felt right. I misxed up a ball of Noro Silk garden without a label for a ball of Noro Keureon...Doi.

I joined a group that is trying to complete a pair of socks a month. It's theme for January is any type of ribbed socks so I am doing Diagonal Rib socks by Ann Budd. Just cast on last night and am doing both at same time. I remember why i don't do that now It tangles and gooeeeesss ssooooo ssssllllooowwww! Am at about 3/4 and inch at best. :/. These will no doubt be short socks. Also using gift yarn in Meilenweit Inca.

Summer Olympics are going on this year I joined the Knitting Olympic Trials (the official kntting Olympics are run by the yarn harlot). I am giong to complete a sweater. I can do it I've done it before but this time I am going to swatch before the contest a bit more thoughly. That;s going to be in August the idea is to pick a knitting challenge so it may not be a sweater after all but some colourwork socks but you have the duration of the summer olympics to complete your project.

I've also diversified my knitting and maximizing time spent on each by spreading them out.. Currently I have a shawl at work out of art yarns regal silk using the Terttu Shawl pattern ( I saw someone had made it on LJ's Knitting! and I had the same yarn and the same colourway handy so I decided to make the same shawl. It's nice and I leave it at work to be knit on during breaks and such.

Back of the couch random anytime sitting around knitting is my dk weight Icarus shawl. I work on it when something interesting is on tv or I don't feel like seaching for another WIP. I am about 14 rows away from chart 2. I had another Icarus in lace weight but I unfortuneately got bbq sauce on it and felted the spot while trying to clean it. Le Sigh. This is much thicker and massive. I love it!.

My purse knitting is a pair of Monkey Socks knit with gift yarn-Opal Hand dyed. OMG this yarn is wild! Just bright and rather obnoxious. Naturally I want more of it... It's a bit scratchy but I'm sure it'll soften after a bit of SOAK. I was watching King Kong last night and I was starting the diagonal rib socks but really I should have been knitting this. These socks have been offically dubbed Crazy Apes!

I went to a smaller city near here on Wednesday and stocked up on a bit of kntting boks. I bought lace style and have started a pair of long, long lace gloves. I am using Knit picks Gloss Carribean made out of gift/prize yarn.

I have 3 more projects to make one is a turtle toy for one of my swaps. I have sheep keychain to work out yet and then lastly I found a pattern to make a toy Zero from Nightmare before Christmas. I really want to make it!! Oh and a few toys in progress. I am on a toy kick.

(Edit:Some of the pictures aren't showing up as always with blogger I'll have to try agian tomorrow and hope for the best)
Edit Dec 20: All the pics are posted but for some reason the comments are broken and I am not getting any email addresses on them...this is wierd.


Valerie said...

You can do it! Finish those projects! -=giggle=- I'll have to look over your group list. I think I want to join the on that requires you have one FO a month. Maybe that will actually motivate my rump. -=giggle=-

Kimberly said...

The Zero toy is brilliant! Where did you find the pattern?!

mjm knitting said...

so many projects. love the dalek!!

please visit my blog-you always make my day!

Bev Love said...

Those turtles are so cute! I love the monkey sock pattern, they look so complicated when done but the pattern is easy to follow. I just created a scarf using the same stitch pattern.

aka paletpc
Slytherin Prefect

Anonymous said...

That Zero toy so sooo cute. Where did you find the pattern?
Also wanted to let you know that I'm still around, and your package is coming along.
Your cocoa pal.

Riggwelter said...

I want those turtles!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick not to say that your parcel will most likely go in the mail tomorrow. Just one last little bit of knitting to finish and it will be ready to drop in the mail.
Your Cocoa Pal.

Anonymous said...

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