Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day

I love Leap Day. It's made of awesome. I woke up today in an unshakable good mood. No matter how bad I fuck up this day it'll be 4 more years before I am reminded. ;) Or something like that. One of my favorite ideas is from Frasier a show I never watched but seemed have seen most of the episodes (whats up with that?) Fraiser encouraged everyone to take a "leap of thier own" on leap day. (Not to be confused with take a flying leap). The only thing I can think of this year is spending my tax refund on Lotto tickets, which isn't a leap as much as really stupid. But the day is young (well, youngish am skirting the late for work just on time line at the mo).

Is it possible that my good mood has something to do with March Sweater Madness starting tomorrow? Probably. Or the fact due to severe case of the Murphy's this month ( and (Which by the way is still going on the central vac burped all the dirt in the canister back onto the carpet 2 days ago looking like a lifesized dustball camel and I ran upstairs to pull the hose and I took out the handrail on the stairs with my hip/butt no sign yet that it may look like a particular landmass yet [a la Rabbitch] went tou yesterday and had a jar of honey glarlic sauce open in my purse soaking my new wallet...I didn't want to use a grocery bag as I was trying to be all eco. throwing out a purse and it's contents is not eco by the way.) ...wait where was I going with this.. Oh yeah due to a severe case of the Murphy's I am taking 6 days off work. The exact wording of the staff was come back when your rested enough you no longer look homicidal. all part of the master plan to get time off. (yeah right)

Edit to Add: I petted a ferret today given my teeth to brain phobia I think it was pretty brave (fyi ferrets smell) maybe if 4 years I'll hold a bunny or be in the same room with a snake (who I am not dating, ahem) Didn't use my tax refund to buy lotto tickets but bought Torchwood, which isn't a gamble as it's a Doctor Who spinoff.

Friday, February 22, 2008

It's Official

I give up. Will not pass go, definitly not getting $200. Today I officially let the world go by without me. I am staying in my jammies, skipping the shower and hiding under the covers with a tube of cookie dough. I may stay there for a while I haven't decided. My company currently has achieved the level of "broke and dumbassed protection" which apparently means I have a job for a month then we'll probably go through all this again. But as I rejoiced in my ability to buy new glasses, some lovely and charming person broke into our back room and stole my wallet. I just bloody quit. I'ed knit all day but I really don't think I should be allowed near anything pointy.

Edit to add: The day has hit a new low. We are out of cookie dough and I have no debit card.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Cocoa Swap Thanks

I just want to take time to thank my Swap Partner Cate from for being a fabbo spoiler for the cocoa swap.

I apologize for the poor quality of the picture it actually was the best one. It's not too sunny at the moment. There were happy food treats Popcorn, Pepermint Dark Hot Chocolate, Carnation and Marshmellow (I love carnation and marshmellows!) She made me 2 bags, A notion/small project bag and a larger tote, I couldn't get decent photos of the inside but it has these awesome pockets in it for notions and pattern and everything. It rocks so hard (this is a good thing). I also got a kit to make Ice Queen in this amazing teal with beads and stitchmarkers to co-ordinate (she also made the stitch markers and don't I feel horribly untalented now?) And as a tribute to my Dr Who obsession there is a copy of the Rose armwarmers from the Season 2 finale known as the hysterical weepfest. Not shown is a cute little miniature bottle to hold my darning needles (which she also thoughtfully sent along). Why because like a good little girl I put them in the bottle so I wouldn't lose them. And they clanked around and somone (I am thinking the black spoo-monster photographed with the parcel) rolled it under the sofa bed. Yeah. :/ Cate also sent me a lovely blah buster named BUDDY. Buddy shall be returned to my place of work and resume his post as guardian of the computer monitor, which he occupied all day yesterday. Buddy is exceptionally popular at work actually.

The package was wonderful and I love it all dearly and the timing was awesome as it really did pick me up at a time I really needed it. Thanks Cate!!!!

Short Little Cop-out post

Life hates me. It's true. I know this. I just found out that the company I work for is in recievership. Then it wasn't. Then it was. We won't know if we have a job past next week until next week. Not cool. I ALMOST wish it'ed just file chapter 11 just so I would know for sure. No word on what happens with my workers comp or health insurance. Freaking Irony.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Stupid Irony Get out of My Workman's Comp!

Well the day I posted that bit about being funnier when I am mad I had a good reason to be by the end of the day. I managed to tip over an "untipable" 140 -odd pound rack onto myself. I caught the thing and tip it back upright but after it slammed into my right forearm and the knuckle on my index finger (if it's the one actually on your hand it it the first or last knuckle?) (also feel free to answer these asides I really am usually curious) So yes that was Irony because really I think I am the only person in the world who DIDN'T see that coming. But then again, I'm an idiot.

And then, (I love my "and then" 's. There are three things in the world when if you time it just right it can almost be like a religious experience, going pee, a Big Mac (or Chocolate) and "And then") I go do the x-ray thing at a clinic and wait wait wait for the results. (hint: still waiting) but I feel sore and kinda tingly so I use one of my dad's exercise balls. Well after about an hour I realize if I am going to manipulate my fingers non-stop I may as well knit. So I knit. And then I stop. And this is how I know I am in hell. It Hurt to stop?!?! %^&%#%$!!! I love knitting but it shouldn't hurt not to knit for 5 mins. And then, (hee) to make matters worse I am knitting sooooo slowly I feel like I am going backward! This sucks.

Thought I'ed share. Blah!

Shamless Promoting of something Pretty
Oh and Michelle at has this amazing Lace kit going (I am plagerizing horribly from the store, hell it's not even plagerizing I'm cut and pasting it!) ALL CAUGHT UP ON PRE ORDERS AND READY TO SHIP!

This kit contains 2 skeins of lace in the Snow Squall colourway, but DOES NOT include Anne's Pattern. Kits will ship as soon as I have them dyed up so that you can have your yarn in time for Anne's finished pattern!
You can see a preview of the pattern here I got a chance to hold the yarn in my hot little hands and it's soo very soft and lovely. There will be a square shawl that uses 3 skeins and a triangle version that uses 2 they are $58 and $38 respectively. Know that I've seen it I have to have it! (She knew it when she let me see it too, she can't deny it!)
Also please note I am not on commission or anything it's just really pretty.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Move Over Murphy

Jinxsa's Law: If you post a tounge in cheek rant about how you are more fun to be around when you are mad, you are pretty much asking the world to shit on you.

First Colollary: This may involve breaking of bones.
Second Colallary: It will always involve Irony
Third Colallary: When you think it's can't get much worse, it'll get a lot worse.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A quick note about rage.

I have a lot of rage for such a happy person. I think it's a balancing act between my mum and dad's influences actually. However apparently when I am mad I am very funny. I have discovered 3 of the new staff members believe this to be so. This doesn't make for a very good work enviroment. Imagine (stealing shameless from a comic here) I could learn to ski, these people wanting me to be funny so they would take me up to Mt. Sunovabitch. It hasn't been a pleasent few weeks. Noting I can really put my finger on but people are trying to make me grumpy. It's annoying. I am annoyed, doesn't that count? Isn't that enough? (No apparently if I get an ulser I'll be a laugh riot...**grumbles**)

Apparently not.After leaving this less than enouraging comment on Michelle's blog ( about toe-up socks.

(PS While some people can’t get enough of them I think toe up socks are the devil laundry day pantygirddles complete with holes and butt pooch, and yes I have completed 2 pairs of them)

Naturally to help my co-workers out I cast on 2 pairs. One is the Entrelac socks by Eunny Jang and the other is Kaylee by Gigi Silva (aka Momma Monkey of Socktopia) She died of complication from Lupus (or is it just just died from Lupus, I have no idea on the terminology here) There is a few KAL's going on in her honour on Ravelry basically just knit a pattern of hers in purple yarn this month. So I am casting on Kaylee with my very extra special vacation yarn of Socks that Rock in Black Purl. My Entrelac socks are cherry treee hill (who skien thier product so badly they almost made this the funniest day ever) in Neutral and Sweet Sheep's own faerie feet in Drucilla.

Look toys!!

Teeni Turtle pattern found here:
(it's towards the bottom of the page)