Friday, February 15, 2008

Cocoa Swap Thanks

I just want to take time to thank my Swap Partner Cate from for being a fabbo spoiler for the cocoa swap.

I apologize for the poor quality of the picture it actually was the best one. It's not too sunny at the moment. There were happy food treats Popcorn, Pepermint Dark Hot Chocolate, Carnation and Marshmellow (I love carnation and marshmellows!) She made me 2 bags, A notion/small project bag and a larger tote, I couldn't get decent photos of the inside but it has these awesome pockets in it for notions and pattern and everything. It rocks so hard (this is a good thing). I also got a kit to make Ice Queen in this amazing teal with beads and stitchmarkers to co-ordinate (she also made the stitch markers and don't I feel horribly untalented now?) And as a tribute to my Dr Who obsession there is a copy of the Rose armwarmers from the Season 2 finale known as the hysterical weepfest. Not shown is a cute little miniature bottle to hold my darning needles (which she also thoughtfully sent along). Why because like a good little girl I put them in the bottle so I wouldn't lose them. And they clanked around and somone (I am thinking the black spoo-monster photographed with the parcel) rolled it under the sofa bed. Yeah. :/ Cate also sent me a lovely blah buster named BUDDY. Buddy shall be returned to my place of work and resume his post as guardian of the computer monitor, which he occupied all day yesterday. Buddy is exceptionally popular at work actually.

The package was wonderful and I love it all dearly and the timing was awesome as it really did pick me up at a time I really needed it. Thanks Cate!!!!


Cate said...

I'm so glad you like it, and that it made a good 'pick me up'.

Valerie said...

Awesome Goodies!!

kasiaiscarly said...

those bags look beautiful. i love the teal color!