Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day

I love Leap Day. It's made of awesome. I woke up today in an unshakable good mood. No matter how bad I fuck up this day it'll be 4 more years before I am reminded. ;) Or something like that. One of my favorite ideas is from Frasier a show I never watched but seemed have seen most of the episodes (whats up with that?) Fraiser encouraged everyone to take a "leap of thier own" on leap day. (Not to be confused with take a flying leap). The only thing I can think of this year is spending my tax refund on Lotto tickets, which isn't a leap as much as really stupid. But the day is young (well, youngish am skirting the late for work just on time line at the mo).

Is it possible that my good mood has something to do with March Sweater Madness starting tomorrow? Probably. Or the fact due to severe case of the Murphy's this month ( and (Which by the way is still going on the central vac burped all the dirt in the canister back onto the carpet 2 days ago looking like a lifesized dustball camel and I ran upstairs to pull the hose and I took out the handrail on the stairs with my hip/butt no sign yet that it may look like a particular landmass yet [a la Rabbitch] went tou yesterday and had a jar of honey glarlic sauce open in my purse soaking my new wallet...I didn't want to use a grocery bag as I was trying to be all eco. throwing out a purse and it's contents is not eco by the way.) ...wait where was I going with this.. Oh yeah due to a severe case of the Murphy's I am taking 6 days off work. The exact wording of the staff was come back when your rested enough you no longer look homicidal. all part of the master plan to get time off. (yeah right)

Edit to Add: I petted a ferret today given my teeth to brain phobia I think it was pretty brave (fyi ferrets smell) maybe if 4 years I'll hold a bunny or be in the same room with a snake (who I am not dating, ahem) Didn't use my tax refund to buy lotto tickets but bought Torchwood, which isn't a gamble as it's a Doctor Who spinoff.


Valerie said...

Hope the entirety of your Leap Day was a wonderful one!

Anonymous said...

Hope you Leap Day was a good one!

You should be getting a box of goodies any day now! That is, depending on the US Postal Service!

Glad to see that things are getting good for you!

- Scavenger Hunt Pal

PS - I tried to email you but Yahoo bounced it back. :-(

Angelawdce said...

Hope the entirety of your Leap Day was a wonderful one!