Thursday, February 07, 2008

Stupid Irony Get out of My Workman's Comp!

Well the day I posted that bit about being funnier when I am mad I had a good reason to be by the end of the day. I managed to tip over an "untipable" 140 -odd pound rack onto myself. I caught the thing and tip it back upright but after it slammed into my right forearm and the knuckle on my index finger (if it's the one actually on your hand it it the first or last knuckle?) (also feel free to answer these asides I really am usually curious) So yes that was Irony because really I think I am the only person in the world who DIDN'T see that coming. But then again, I'm an idiot.

And then, (I love my "and then" 's. There are three things in the world when if you time it just right it can almost be like a religious experience, going pee, a Big Mac (or Chocolate) and "And then") I go do the x-ray thing at a clinic and wait wait wait for the results. (hint: still waiting) but I feel sore and kinda tingly so I use one of my dad's exercise balls. Well after about an hour I realize if I am going to manipulate my fingers non-stop I may as well knit. So I knit. And then I stop. And this is how I know I am in hell. It Hurt to stop?!?! %^&%#%$!!! I love knitting but it shouldn't hurt not to knit for 5 mins. And then, (hee) to make matters worse I am knitting sooooo slowly I feel like I am going backward! This sucks.

Thought I'ed share. Blah!

Shamless Promoting of something Pretty
Oh and Michelle at has this amazing Lace kit going (I am plagerizing horribly from the store, hell it's not even plagerizing I'm cut and pasting it!) ALL CAUGHT UP ON PRE ORDERS AND READY TO SHIP!

This kit contains 2 skeins of lace in the Snow Squall colourway, but DOES NOT include Anne's Pattern. Kits will ship as soon as I have them dyed up so that you can have your yarn in time for Anne's finished pattern!
You can see a preview of the pattern here I got a chance to hold the yarn in my hot little hands and it's soo very soft and lovely. There will be a square shawl that uses 3 skeins and a triangle version that uses 2 they are $58 and $38 respectively. Know that I've seen it I have to have it! (She knew it when she let me see it too, she can't deny it!)
Also please note I am not on commission or anything it's just really pretty.


Miss Me said...

did you have to fill out "an incident report"? our safety police make us... used a bandaid for a paper cut? better fill out a report!
i hope that nothing was seriously injured, but i can imagine that you are kind of brusied... ouch!

Lesley said...


Hope you heal soon!

Heatherly said...

beautiful colours!

anne said...

it IS really pretty, and THEN (hehehe) it is heaven to knit with, too!

Valerie said...

I hope everything turned out okay!! On the plus side though, if it hurts to stop knitting you'll definitely be finishing up all those WIPs you have. =P