Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What's a little humiliation and nudity between strangers?

Today was a a day. Not busy but not dead with lonely people sucking up huge amounts of my time talking to hear thier own voices. People asking me questions and apparently not wanting to hear the answer. (FYI: WEARING SOMETHING 3 SIZES TOO BIG MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE A HIPPO THE FACT THAT IT'S CHEAP DOESN'T MAKE YOU LOOK LESS HIPPOLIKE~sorry that's been building up all day,glad to have it out of my system.) I wore a really cute billowy skirt today not entirely out of desire for it to be spring but primarily because I have no pants that fit and are clean or for that matter cleanish. It was a nice day at about 2 degrees (celcius) and there was a bit of a cool breeze but nothing my metabolism couldn't keep up with. However when I came home something had changed. I stopped to help a lady with a broken arm carry her stuff to the car. This was one of those ginormous 80 metric ton bags of dog food. So both my hands are full and I can bearly see over the damn thing but I struggle to the car. The wind had picked up somewhat in the past 9 hours. And the skirt not only blew up but over my head and got caught between myself and the dogfood. So I am in a parking lot I can't see and I can't put the dog food down because it's caught and tangled up and such. Well about 3 decades later the lady realizes I'm in trouble and helps me out. I put the dog food in the truck and with as much dignity as I could muster walked home. On the way I got 3 proposals from passersby...and none of them were marriage.

Edited to Add: The skirt flying up has happened to me a lot, it's windy and I like skirts and I may have blogged about and the thing that's freaking me out is I think I CAME UP WITH THE EXACT SAME PUNCHLINE. It's making me crazy. I've looked but alas I can't find it.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Mail Call

Well it's over. March is here. The really hideous family thing I never blogged about it over and turned out not to be such a big deal after all (the homecare nurses threatened to take my father out of the home as we weren't caring for him properly, the reviewing nurse told them to get stuffed basically). Kinda Anti-climatic. I am cleansing my pallate of February aftertaste by participating in March Sweater Madness. I am doing a pull over version of Mr. Greenjeans. I've actually finished the body and tried it on a few time it fits but the armholes are a bit big so I'll have to fudge the sleeves a bit. But it FITS! Michelle has seen the picture of last years she is laughing now I am sure.

Friday I got notification I had a few deliveries arrive. I was felled by a migraine all weekend. Personally only a mojor wimp could call the headache I had a migraine but apparently that is the correct term because it made me sick to my stomach (why no I can't spell nauseaous. See?). I got called into work yesterday and will be doing a short shift in Calgary tomorrow so my mom was nice enough to pick up my packages from the Post Office for me today. I got out of the bath to see this.

3 big boxes one was my order from http://www.thesweetsheep.com/. Here is a few small shot full of loverly yarn porn.

I also got my Mystery Swap package from Sister Amy. ( http://nunknits.blogspot.com/ ) She sent me a lovely themed package: Latvian Mittens. There was a copy of Piecework Magazine which I haven't read before. it's pretty awesome. 4 colours of Lace Weight Misti Alpacha to make the mittens pictured.

She included Stabucks mocha mix, 2 really soft feeling soaps that smell really amazingly clean. And Purdy's chocolate! I have lived out west for almost 10 years and I never tried it, I feel a bit embarrassed admitting that.

Also in the post I recieved a really fun package from Amy (http://p3knitter.wordpress.com) There is a whole criteria for the Scavenger Hunt Swap.

1) Something local-The green Bamboo Blen sock yarn From Dyepot.com it's really shiny Ranges from maroon to a really lovely forest green.

2) Something round- A handmade DPN roll! Very retro colour/pattern, which is very me.

3) Something green Ecoganic Pakucho Peruvian cotten 2 cute little hanks, one of the softer cottens I've run into

4) Something related to the letter 'T'- A T mega mix cd which is going to work with me on Friday.

5) Something funny- Little Magnetic notpad that says I'ed rather be knitting (note to self:putting it on the computer tower is bad)

6) Something hard-Chocolate!! Yum!! Cheer you up kinda chocolate!!

7) Spoilers choice (make up a category for your item!) She maded me a hat, No pics of me wearing it but it does fit (Self portaits are not so good and YB makes me look like the triple chin garden gnome)

Both of these packages came at the right time and cheered me up enormously!! I Love the novelty of both these swaps and would recomended them in a heartbeat. Both of the Amy's (Ok I just noticed that they were both named Amy, but I have been writing this off and on for about 5 hours) get totaly votes in the amazingly thoughtful catagory! Yeay!