Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What's a little humiliation and nudity between strangers?

Today was a a day. Not busy but not dead with lonely people sucking up huge amounts of my time talking to hear thier own voices. People asking me questions and apparently not wanting to hear the answer. (FYI: WEARING SOMETHING 3 SIZES TOO BIG MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE A HIPPO THE FACT THAT IT'S CHEAP DOESN'T MAKE YOU LOOK LESS HIPPOLIKE~sorry that's been building up all day,glad to have it out of my system.) I wore a really cute billowy skirt today not entirely out of desire for it to be spring but primarily because I have no pants that fit and are clean or for that matter cleanish. It was a nice day at about 2 degrees (celcius) and there was a bit of a cool breeze but nothing my metabolism couldn't keep up with. However when I came home something had changed. I stopped to help a lady with a broken arm carry her stuff to the car. This was one of those ginormous 80 metric ton bags of dog food. So both my hands are full and I can bearly see over the damn thing but I struggle to the car. The wind had picked up somewhat in the past 9 hours. And the skirt not only blew up but over my head and got caught between myself and the dogfood. So I am in a parking lot I can't see and I can't put the dog food down because it's caught and tangled up and such. Well about 3 decades later the lady realizes I'm in trouble and helps me out. I put the dog food in the truck and with as much dignity as I could muster walked home. On the way I got 3 proposals from passersby...and none of them were marriage.

Edited to Add: The skirt flying up has happened to me a lot, it's windy and I like skirts and I may have blogged about and the thing that's freaking me out is I think I CAME UP WITH THE EXACT SAME PUNCHLINE. It's making me crazy. I've looked but alas I can't find it.


Miss Me said...

been there... done that... i like skirts, too. for yesterday's under the car incident, i was wearing a skirt - of course! it wouldn't have happened if i had had on pants... (do you ever wish that someone would smack that little effer fate just to stop his giggling?)

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