Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Um hi remember me?

Well a little over 2 months sinced my last post. Not my best time admittedly. What's been going on? Not a lot. Some major sock knitting combined with a case of 2nd heel syndrome (Second Sock Syndrome is for wimps). I'm making a skirt for summer that is in detention. I have been watching and still obsessing over Doctor Who. I was flirting with the idea of going on a yarn retreated but I debated too long. Waffling=not just for breakfast anymore.

In personal news, I proved I was a very slow learner and went of my B12 again. Got thrown into a depression and now I am doing better. I have always had a hard time remember to take pills but I discovered this melty breath strip that is 1000 mcg each and have been taking 2 (My doctor recommeds 1500 for me) Tis yummy too. But after a few weeks I began to feel sooo much better.

As some of you know I have been thinking od switching jobs for a while now, well I am now an assistant/acting manager of a video game store. It's pretty ok. Well I have only worked 1 shift. It doesn't seem significantly different. There is a fairly steep learning curve for product information, I thought I knew a good bit about games but apparently not so much. So far everything to do with this job, especially anything coming from H/O is disorganized. My friends are saying it's a lateral move at best. Retail is retail. There is not a Head Office in retail anywhere who is on the ball. They simply have been out of stores too long to remember what it's like.

I'll try to update on the weekend how it's going. I'm working everyday for a few weeks while I work out my notice at one place and train at the other. There may be a contest to follow.

Thanks for your patience with me.