Thursday, July 03, 2008

Playing Games

I got the new job, am settling in. Sorta, I have had the job for about 5 weeks and am only going for actual training Sunday. The job market in the south of the province is rediculous in retail. You can't find qualified management. Everyone applying for the jobs are coming from other industries. There is a feeling among them that they need a job and while none are available in thier line of work so they will stoop to retail. I mean how hard can it be. What a joke. Your degree in autocad or whatever isn't really going to help you deal with returns, pissed off customers, stock that never comes in and the fact you have to deal with it all at the same time. I had a career secretary apply for a management her argument that was that a manager isn't a hands on position, bwahhahhaaahhaaa!!!!!! In a store open about 80 hours and with a budget of 130 hours available, a manager uses on earth isn't it a hands on job?? They are totally clueless.

My pet peeve for the past year (I may have mentioned it before) is when people have a very limited availability for example 8 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday and want 40 hours a week...they go right to the bottom of the pile. Since one needs to handle money in this job a totally lack of any basic mathematical skills means you go right to the bottom of the pile.

Myself I have been gaming more. The DS is seeing much more work than before. Cake Mania, Diner Dash, Harvest Moon Cute, Cooking Mama (That is a terrible game-I am not an idiot, please don't trreat me like one) and Etrian Odyessy. My portable gaming is typical of my age and gender (30 year female gamer market is the highest growing sector of the gaming industry, too bad that game magazines and even mainstream magaizines aren't catching on to that). My laptop has Build A lot, Sims Castaway and Diner Dash. My main pc has Hellgate London. Both the laptop and the desktop pc's had to be restored due to a bad microsoft update and I had to rebuild the wireless network as my dad downloaded a virus. He has no computer savvy at all anymore.. it's kinda scary as he used to write computer programs. My Wii has Boom Blocks, Lego Indiana Jones and House of the Dead 2&3. My 360 is sitting around collection dust as it has turned into a total frat boy system...

I get a discount but it's still not exactly covering all the games I am picking up. No doubt this will wear off, but I am thankful with my dvd habit, especially my fixation with BBC box sets, I am not working at a movie place. Or a yarn store.

On the topic of yarn I don't have any pics but I have been working on a few things the past week and a half. After my epic fail at the Hogwarts Duel Club (I signed up when I thought I wasn't going to get the current job, got it and was running around for about 4 weeks trying to do 2 jobs and figure out the new position on my own.) I hadn't knit a stitch in about a month. That is a tital record for me. I Picked up my needles againthis week and am a lot happier for it. I still have a killer infection in my jaw and ears and insomnia, but the change in my mood is notable. I promise I will not ever be appart from my needles for so long again. I am knitting some baby shoes (Tulip from Knitty) for a co-worker and have picked up a pair of unfinished monkeys, a purse for my Hogwarts swap and am almost done that (yeay) and am working on some lace. One of these or a few of them may end up in the local version of the county fair. Will keep you posted. Well, I'll try.